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Afterthoughts is the second volume of Mr. Bouchard’s autobiography. His first was entitled Distant Voices and chronicled the early years of his life up to about age 20. Afterthoughts – A Career in Music Recollected gives the reader an inside view of Mr. Bouchard’s exciting career in music that has taken him many places and given him many lifelong memories from his unique experiences as a teacher, examiner, adjudicator and composer.

Some Thoughts about Afterthoughts


Like the life and music of Remi Bouchard, this book will touch the hearts, minds and souls of many people.

Remi Bouchard, a long time member of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Associations, although described humbly by himself as ordinary, reaches into the realm of the extraordinary… a life lived with the purpose of bringing joy to the world through sharing a love for music. Remi’s life and writings exhibit a rare and unconditional dedication to others through the sharing of his many musical talents with many communities… family, local, provincial and national. These writings will be lasting legacy of inspiration for teachers, composers, students and community musicians!

Peggy LaHoir, President, Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations


“Think globally. Act locally.” I borrow the slogan of environmentalists because it so clearly applies to the career of Remi Bouchard. His adopted home in Neepawa, Manitoba, is only a few miles from his starting point in Laurier. His early years in Neepawa were marked by energetic efforts at self-improvement, especially the piano and theory studies in Winnipeg that led to professional diplomas, all while teaching a growing class of young pianists in two different centres. His French background fitted him to teach in Eden and Arden elementary schools, so he took on that assignment for a number of years. Using his wit and imagination, he developed a puppet character, Pitou, to communicate with his young students.

With his diploma studies out of the way, Remi began to compose-at first modestly, for his students: piano solos and duets; but the flow of creative juices increased with practice and with the enthusiastic reception among students and other teachers. The stream of solo pieces for students grew, and then expanded into songs, choral pieces, and duets with instruments. He found publishers; they liked what they saw and wanted more. My own thick folders of Bouchard contain only a fraction of the 572 pieces that make up his current output, but these and other volumes have carried Remi’s name across the country, indeed, across the continent. In London, Ontario, he was presented with an honorary award by Conservatory Canada, and that institution also organized a well-filled CD of his piano music.

In South-Western Manitoba Remi Bouchard is a celebrity, invited to give workshops in composition and performance to thriving clusters of young students. We at Brandon University, the nearest professional music school, have benefited several times from workshops devoted to his compositions, and have welcomed a number of his students into the undergraduate degree programs at the School. Graduates of the Remi Bouchard studio are sprinkled across the country, where they stimulate musical activity and growth in their own locale.

In the meantime, Remi continues to serve his Neepawa public, not only as a piano teacher, but in the Music Appreciation classes he has organized for music lovers of Neepawa and neighbouring communities.

A teacher was once asked by a condescending business CEO “What do you make?” Her lengthy, detailed answer concluded with the words, “I make a difference.” Remi Bouchard, in his long career as a local musician, is one of those who truly “makes a difference.”

Lawrence Jones, Professor Emeritus, Brandon University